A Ruckus in the Bush …

Hendri’s News from Elephant Plains on the Tusk Sabi Sand Photo Tour:

The early predawn darkness found us as usual out of the camp, in search of predators. We were settling down to a search when we received a radio communication about a leopard that was calling repeatedly.

We dashed off in the direction of the reported sound and switched the vehicle off to hear better. After just a few seconds we heard impala alarm calling and we quickly moved to that area where we checked around. The impala were very nervous and reacted to every small sound. Then we spotted a hyena and thought aha! That is what is causing all the upset here.

We moved on and very close by we found a leopard. We don’t think it was the one we were after originally but this one kept our cameras very busy. He walked up and down and back and forth, and were able to stay with him until we heard that another vehicle had arrived. We made way for them.

After a short drive we returned to the leopard. Our very bush-wise game ranger realised that the leopard was slowly making its way to a waterhole, and we were able to get ahead and then wait quietly at the waterhole. The leopard came along as anticipated and settled down for a long, restful drink. Everyone was able to get some really good images.

On the way back to the Lodge we stopped again for elephants, kudu, and general Plains game.

After a session of Lightroom and plenty of sustenance we were ready for our afternoon drive. We returned to the area where we left the leopard in the morning and although we found her tracks, but they led nowhere. We realised that she would be sleeping for the day, and turned our attention to a Pearl-spotted Owl and a Spotted Eagle Owl and all the other plentiful Game around.

Time was running out when we heard that the leopard had been located again. But as it was late we decided to rather try and follow up on the leopard during our final game drive in the morning …