A Leopard and her Cub …

Dawie Reports from Khwai River Lodge on the Okavango Savute & Chobe Photo Tour:

Most of us arrived at Khwai River Lodge in really good time and were delighted to see a large herd of elephants drinking at the river right in front of the Lodge while we enjoyed a delicious high tea. The elephants were drinking, spraying, and playing in the water. What a welcome to this area! Then after a quick briefing we set out on our first game drive.

Not only did we see numerous elephants around almost every corner, there were plenty of Plains animals as well, including impala, kudu, and zebra in large numbers.

A leopard had been spotted during the morning drive and we decided to go in that direction to see whether we could find her. And wow! Luck was 100% on our side! We found not only the leopard – she was accompanied by her cub.

The cub is already almost bigger than his mother, and he watched patiently as she fed from an impala kill way up in a tree. The cub wasn’t the only observer. On the ground a few hyenas milled around, gazing expectantly up into the tree, hoping that the carcass would fall or that some scraps would rain down on them. They didn’t have have too much luck, but they were determined to remain there as long as the kill was up in that tree.

Meanwhile the cub restlessly climbed up and down the tree, with a beautiful sunset sky behind him. As the light faded out spotlights came out and we were able to capture some fabulous nighttime shots of both leopards and the hyenas.

In the morning we will probably return to the leopards …