A Delightful Afternoon with Whooper Swans …

Ben’s News from Lake Kussharo Hokkaido on the Tusk Japan Wildlife Photo Tour:

(Photos: Courtesy of Nicolas Devos)

We left Jigokudani and our wonderful encounter with the Macaques at 06:00 and drove through to Tokyo for our domestic flight to Hokkaido.

We arrived in Hokkaido at noon and drove through stunningly dramatic scenery to our delightful Japanese Inn on the shores of the very beautiful Lake Kussharo.

On arrival we went straight to the lake shore to photograph the Whooper Swans that gather in the warmer waters along the edges of the lake. We used our wide angle lenses with full flash, while exposing for the background to capture the vivid colours in the late afternoon sky.

The flash illuminated the swans perfectly, and our cameras filled rapidly with images from all angles.

We had less than two hours of light before it was simply too dark to remain at the lake, and we returned to our inn, delighted with our afternoon photography.

Now, as we settle down to another delicious Japanese dinner, we are weary, but looking forward to our meal and even more to a full day with the swans tomorrow …