A Day in Paradise …

Hendri’s Update from Khwai River Lodge on the Okavango Photo safari:

There is so much to see in this magnificent part of our planet, and because we are keen to experience as much as possible, we were up bright and early, and after breakfast we were ready to leave more than a half hour before sunrise.

Now, should we check on the leopards, hyenas, Wild Dogs, or hippo carcass first? But as always we changed our mind. The morning was just so calm, serene and idyllic that we went straight to a pool with hippos to enjoy a quiet, relaxed, re-energising morning.

It was just wonderful. Only the sounds of birds, hippos in the pool, and the wind rustling the leaves. Who could ask for a more perfect start to the day.

Then we drove around slowly, and concentrated on the general game and birds. We stopped to watch one particularly busy Elephant as she stood on her hind legs to reach into the lofty branches of a tree to reach the softer, more succulent new leaves way up at the apex of the tree.

We increased our bird photography count – and currently we have images of almost a hundred different species. Wherever you look there seem to be a different birds to be identified and added to the fast growing collection. It is almost overwhelming! One hardly knows where to point a camera, there is so much at any one time.

When we heard that a leopard could be seen we scouted around that area, but no luck. We tried quickly this afternoon again, with the same result.

A Grey-headed Kingfisher appeared right next to our vehicle during our afternoon drive. He posed so beautifully for us!

We enjoyed sundowners at a beautiful spot overlooking a river where elephants grazed peacefully. Idyllic!

We heard that the leopard had been spotted again, but it disappeared into the bush before we could get a good sighting.

Now we are enjoying dinner out in the bush, under the bright twinkling stars, and listening to those magical nocturnal bush sounds. In the morning we have one more drive before we leave for our next destination (Mombo) …