A Chilly Lion Honeymoon …

Dawie’s Notes from the Kgalagadi Photo Tour:

Another superb day awaited us with an abrupt change in the weather. Windy, blustery, cool, almost cold by Kgalagadi standards with a noon temperature of only 26C suddenly replaced the heat of the previous days.

As we left the Lodge we first called on the lions with their eland kill. They were feeding on the remains and after a brief stop for some early morning photos we headed straight to the dunes.

Along the Dune Road we saw eland, gemsbok, springbok, and many birds, but because of the cooler windy weather there seemed to be less activity. Even when we came across a mating lion and lioness on a Dune, they were intent on basking in the sun to warm up and we totally understood why they chosen that particular spot to catch the sun rays.

The cold weather inhibited the duo’s romantic pursuits as they sought as much warmth as they could. When the two moved to the top of the Dune it was great as we could capture some fabulous silhouette shots.

We then moved further up the Auob River, stopping regularly to photograph Plains animals and birds, and a couple of ‘Dikkop’ – or Spotted Thick-knees that posed for us on their nest as they took turns with their brooding responsibilities.

We stopped at a picnic spot before our slow drive back to the Lodge.

We traveled in a different direction for our afternoon drive. Again we saw Oryx, Eland, Pale Chanting Goshawks, Tawny Eagles and when we arrived at a waterhole we photographed doves as they came in to land. We concentrated on Kori Bustards for a while, trying to perfect our flying shots of the birds.

On the way back to the Lodge we actually found a second African Wildcat. It sat in the fork of a tree, almost at eye level, and gave us plenty of time to compose our shots.

Tomorrow we plan to start at the lion kill again to check for scavengers …