Tigers, Elephants, Leopards in a Dramatic, Beautiful Park in the Himalayan Foothills …

Ben’s Update from Delhi on the Tigers of India Photo Tour:
(Unable to send Photos Due to Connection – image from Tusk Website)

We arrived in Delhi after spending the first four nights of our tour at Corbett National Park. The park is magnificently situated in the Himalayan Foothills and boasts a large Asian Elephant population, numbering around 1200 elephants. There are more than 150 tigers, a number of leopards and a variety of deer species, making a visit very worthwhile.

The park is almost indescribably beautiful, with massive forests, consisting mainly of Sal Trees and open grasslands, and a crystal clear river that winds and meanders through the park. Lining the banks of the river one sees large, rounded, whitish stones that are typical of the rocks in the area.

We spent a lot of our time in Corbett National Park photographing elephants in the forests, in the open grasslands, or at, in, or around the river. They played in the river, crossed the river back and forth, splashed, and generally kept us entertained and busy with our cameras.

We saw four different tigers, and were delighted to be able to photograph three of them. That was such a treat!

As if that was not enough, because the park is in the Himalayan foothills, and because the topography is so wonderful, the bird population is spectacular and we photographed oh! so many! Everything from pheasants to eagles!

As I said we are on route to another wildlife centre that is famed for its tiger population. There are no elephants there, so we will be able to concentrate on the big cats …