Kobus Saayman

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Photographer Bio

Kobus  developed an intense love affair with the African Bush while still a young schoolboy. He quickly found that he could extend his experiences in the wild by returning home with beautiful photographs, and a camera filled with the excitement, drama, and beauty that he had experienced. This dedicated interested broadened as Kobus started to exploit a marked artistic gift, and before long he was able to combine his artistic abilities with his perfected photographic techniques to produce a unique approach to his wildlife photography. This was quickly noticed by publishers around the world, and a demand for his photographs increased exponentially - not only in South Africa and Africa, but also in international wildlife journals and magazines. At the same time Kobus started to win multiple awards, again not only locally, but also with reputable establishments like Africa Geographic. The above, combined with a very friendly, personable nature, and a keen desire to share his artistic, photographic, and wildlife knowledge means that any guests joining Kobus on a Tusk Photo Safari will gain not only from his knowledge about the bush, but will have the added benefit of learning those tricky photographic techniques like motion blur, high key photography, and a unique perspective through the lens ... and a camera filled with the best images imaginable.